Customization of products made easy with WooCommerce product addons

The Extra Product Options for WooCommerce plugin lets you add extra product fields to your WooCommerce Product pages.
Simply clone this site from the header menu and experience the innovation for yourself! By trying our features like accordion or tab layout.

Let’s see some examples:

Pizza – Custom

Build your own pizza by choosing extra product options given in the product page – Here we used image group as toppings some toppings need extra price, also checkbox is there to add beverages, And also can choose time to deliver.

T – Shirt

Custom T shirts – Design your T shirts by adding custom logo by file upload , Choose predefined color or custom color by color picker or color palette. Also add your custom words under the logo. Upto 8 characters are free after that $2 for 5 characters. (price type – character count)


Here length of the ring can be selected by a slider field and after 8 unit the additional charge is there $10/unit and the step value is sett as 0.5(max and min of size is 4 – 14). Also additional engraving is possible by text field with character count as price type.


Configure MacBook according to user needs. image group and color palette fields are used here. And products like wireless keyboard, AirPod etc .. are given as additional accessories with the help of Product Group field. (it can be chosen as either dependent or independent stock quantity.)

Rooms and Cottages

Check -in and Check – out time and date can be selected by date and time range picker field, then user can select rooms or cottage that he/she looking for. Both room and cottage had different options with individual section for it. When user choose room then section for room will be displayed with its options on it. Similar in the case of Cottage also.


Choose your tile pattern by image group. Also user can choose their pool shape to calculate the area of the pool. Or can add the area of pool by user itself if it is a custom shape, Hence we can calculate the total price for the area just by mentioning the price for one meter square. This is achieved by using our custom formula price type.


Here we introduced different types of field validations and confirmations. We can set predefined pattern input by input masking pattern feature under text field. And also we providing validations like email number etc as default also user can add their own validations by custom validations with the help of regular expressions. Another validation is confirm field validations like confirm passwords, email etc..